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Procurementleaders Awards 2010
Video of the Procurementleaders Awards in 2010
and more information about the  Procurementleaders Awards 2010

Source: You Tube/

Naomi Klein; Disaster Capitalism
Naomi Klein about disaster Capitalism, where are
the frontiers ?

Source: You Tube / Naomi

How the recession commenced; Naomi Klein
in conversation with Allen Greenspan

Video: How the Federal Reserve Bank stimulated
the Bonus culture in Banks.
Source: You Tube / Naomi

The First Obama's Weekly Speeches in 2009

Source: You Tube /

CIPS project: Bringing the industry and procurement professionals together

Video about a project from Cips to bring industries
and professionals together

Source: 10/17/2008 CIPS, video

10 Political Tips for Newcomers

10/06/2008 provided by
Source: you tube / eu tube.     

Supply Chain Risk Event 2007 & 2008

Video about the Supply Chain Risk Event in
2007 and 2008.
Source: 09/19/2008 video wtg group

RFID, radio frequency identification
Video about Radio frequency identification or RFID.
Source: you Tube

ISO14001 Video, the EMS Standard

Video about the new ISO14001 standard.
Source: you tube /  ISO org

Supply Chain Response Management
Video: How does supply chain response
management work ?
Source: You Tube

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Latest procurement, supply chain and business news
Purchasing Managers Index (PMI Index) from the
Netherlands and the USA down september 2011

In september 2011 the pmi index from the Netherlands and
the ISM manufacturing pmi index from the USA are both down,
read more
Source: 08/10/2011 NEVI (NL) /  ISM (USA)
Procurementleaders Awards 2010, 25th of may

The Procurementleaders Awards in the UK in 2010 !
source: 25/05/2010

Google sees revenues increase of 17% between
Oktober and December 2009

Google saw its revenues increase 17% between October and December, as its advertising earnings rose strongly. Source: BBC News Technology 21/01/2010

Business conditions, buying plans indexes up in
April 2009's monthly business conditions index increased to 42 in the April survey, trending up from 30.8
last month.
Source: 13/05/2009

Siemens wields the axe on suppliers

German technology company Siemens will sever business relations with 20% of its suppliers this year, to increase
the flexibility it has in procurement
Source: 04/01/2009

China still most wanted location for Multinationals

Despite rising costs, decreased demand and declining domestic growth, China is still seen as the location of
choice for large multinational companies in Asia.
Source: 01/03/2009

Siemens looks at Procurement


Chips are down for semiconductor industry


Asian stocks rise, snapping 4-day decline

21/11/2008 Bloomberg financial world news

OPEC lost 700bn dollar since oil prices dropped

19/11/2008 BBC Business news now also added a page with newsfeeds from isixsigma


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